A guided tour through the Slovakian castles is one of my favourites. In the region where I live, you will find one of the biggest castle complexes in middle Europe, called Spis castle. It stands on mare than 10 acres of land.

If you visit Slovakia, you will be introduced to many castles, chateaus and old castle ruins. Most of them were built hundreds of years ago. They were used as proper homes for kings, and also as protection against enemies.

Castle ruins are evidence of hardship during historic times. Some of the ruins are kept as museums and others can be visited in open nature.

During the summer (June, July and August) old crafts and traditional folk groups are exhibited in the castle gardens to attract visitors. Here you will find traditional royal clothing, handmade soldier steel clothes, jewellery, pottery, smiths and a show of canon shots. You will also have the opportunity to taste food from the middle ages.

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