When taking a trip to the caves, you should be comfortable with narrow and small spaces. All the caves have artificially lit walkways. It is suggested to take warmer clothing with as the temperature inside the caves are lower than the outside temperature.

Slovak caves, which form part of world heritage (UNESCO) have a specific origin, colour and shape. The Ochtinska aragonite cave is unique with aragonite ornaments, iron flowers and bushes. The Jasovská cave is known for its various shapes of calcite structures and stones (you will also find a number of bat species here). Dobsinska ice cave is one of the lowest places caves in Europe and is one of the most important ice caves in the world. In this cave you will find huge ice towers, tunnels, waterfalls and small lakes.

Belianska cave (close to where I live) is a challenge in that you need to hike up a steep hill to reach the entrance and then walk over 700 steps (approximately 70 minutes) once inside.

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