If you want to experience life in Slovakia 100 years ago, visit an open air museum (called a Skanzen) with me.

Every Skanzen offers a slightly different architectonical style, with houses from many different regions or villages. You will see the houses of our grandparents, water mills, oil and pottery manufactures and wooden churches. If you go inside the houses, you will find a traditional dish, carpets, wooden buckets and many more.

Slovakia is rich in wood, which is why houses were historically built from wood. Most buildings were actually built from wood eg churches, stalls and small family homes. Many of these buildings are still standing in smaller Slovakian villages – with some of them moved to open air museums where they are kept and protected.

There are a small number of villages with wooden architecture where people still live today – we call them Live Skanzen (Zdiar, Vlkolinec, Osturna).

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